Ahtma Ro

Nidran Wizard


Ahtmo Ro is a human wizard from Nidra. He appears to be in his mid-fifties to early sixties, with the heavily tanned and leathery skin common to Nidran natives. He dresses in loose rough-spun white and gold linen robes and leather sandals. A knotted cloth bandolier is slung over one shoulder, from which hangs multiple thin clay tablets covered in Nidran hieroglyphs. His medium-length salt and pepper hair is slicked back with sweet-smelling oils and wax, and his long beard is forked. He leans heavily on a gnarled driftwood staff.

  • Ahtma has paid the PCs a hefty sum of gold to collect a scroll entitled The Collected Works of the Chained King, a text he suspects contains prophetic writings regarding the Noctus Oculus.
  • Ahtma has begun translation of the scroll, and will let the PCs know what he discovers.

Ahtma Ro

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