Ring of Spell Storing

Stores Spells


This is a simple gold band. Any inscriptions or adornments it might have sported at one point have long been worn away by years of use.

Identified Features:
A spell caster of any type may cast spells into this ring (capable of holding up to three spell levels), after which they may be released from the ring by the wearer at a later date as though cast by the initial caster.


This ring was originally created by a wizard as a gift for his forgetful apprentice. As with most items of power, it has a storied history of owners, and is often featured in tales of cunning and trickery, often granting the hero or villain of the story an unexpected edge.

Its most recent owner appears to have failed to live up to the ring’s extravagant past, having died nameless and alone in a leech-infested pool deep within a goblin warren.

Ring of Spell Storing

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