Noctus Oculus

Prologue: Session 2
Champions of the Eye

“One cannot look upon our three moons, so perfectly aligned in this rare instant, and fail to see the resemblance to a colossal unblinking eye. The effect is unsettling, even to a scholar such as myself, who prides himself on sorting such superstitious nonsense from empirical science and magic.”
- Excerpt from The Expanded Catalogue of Stars and Other Astrological Entities, written by Helland Vurmyr, 2742.

After standing witness at the brigands’ trial, the heroes competed in the Championship of the Eye. The heroes walked away with the grand prize (dubious though their claim to it was), as well as an invitation to the Lasseter party on the Night of the Eye. Additionally, Red acquired and defended his title of Thrasher in the boxing tournament.

They then agreed to help a wizard by the name of Ahtma Ro in acquiring a rare scroll called The Collected Works of the Chained King. In doing so they, slew a cockatrice and cured the petrification affecting Alita Montjoy. Only after they had cured her did they come to realize that she was, in fact, a vampire. However, as recompense for saving her, she was happy to gift them the scroll they sought.


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